Marie Kondo

Living a Simple and Un-Cluttered Life

I believe that so often we settle for a life that we don't love. Surrounded by people, things and circumstances  we think we cannot change.  We allow ourselves to become complacent in our thoughts and life journey.  

I'm on a personal journey to live a life that I love, surrounded by people, clients and friends that I truly enjoy.  It's okay to take a step back. To reflect. To evaluate life.  To decide what we truly want. To take some time to dream without hesitation and without limitation.

Honestly even though I dislike clutter, I found that I was holding onto things that I didn't really like because I didn't want to spend more money on purchasing the item again down the road. Here's the flaw with that concept: I continued to keep things that I didn't like and then became dissatisfied with my surroundings and if I was truly honest with myself - even my wardrobe. 

I met with a friend earlier on this month and she asked me “how can I re-purpose the articles of clothing I have?” It was simple, sell it and use the money to buy what I truly love.  It's true that we don't get want we want because we are holding onto things we don't want or like.  It's a matter of changing our way of thinking. 

At the beginning of the summer, I began to de-clutter my space and I hit a roadblock.  I was reducing the amount of things I had, but didn't think about the true purpose behind it.  Marie Kondo has some key ideas and a strategic system as to how to tidy.  I have begun to discard using this system for my clothing and books.  Evaluating each article of clothing and books that I own.  When evaluating my things, I took the time to ask myself, do I really love this?  Does this spark joy?  If I answered "yes"  I placed the article in the pile of items to be kept - a pile of things that "I loved".  Here are a few steps to get you closer to a decluttered space.  

1. Evaluate what you already have.

2. Be thankful for life and your belongings

3. Identify what you love.

4. Discard the things you have outgrown- with a heart of gratitude.   

By using this method - we can live in a space surrounded by things we truly love.  It takes determination and the right mindset to embark on this challenge.  However,  by taking the time to do this, it will help us all in the long run, so that our minds, and space are clear.  When our minds are at peace, its easier to think, breath, enjoy life and re-aligned ourselves with our dreams.  The sky's the limit!  

Continuing the journey to love my home and my life.
Happy Tidying!